the new American classic


After her father invented the first bowling shirt in 1946,
Patty Nast Canton created an iconic American Brand.

Patty is back with the new American classic


“What’s the perfect product?
100 years from the time it was designed it has never changed,
it’s for 4 year old girls and
80 year old men and
everyone in between”

-Patty Nast Canton Founder of Nat Nast, Founder and CEO Pinnz Originals


Familiar yet modern,
Pinnz is a classic,
American iconic style from the 1950’s, re-imagined into a really comfortable, cool sneaker. It sits in a space halfway between the (we all know it)
1919 basketball sneaker and
the cool 1970’s skate sneaker.

celebrate different

You be you and I’ll be me. We stand up, we stand out.

a pair and a spare

inspired by the spirit of individuality


Yes, we’re a little crazy,
of course, all shoes come in pairs…
with Pinnz you can also have a spare.
Pinnz introduces “a pair and a spare”.
Whether it’s wearing your lucky left shoe to the game or the day you just want to be different.

#pwwp people who wear Pinnz, “be yourself, everyone else is taken”.

brother, can you spare a dime? spare change can make change

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The work that @stellavallenyc has done for our veterans is unmatched! Their jewelry is also one of a kind! Check them out! #beone

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PINNZ Originals

Today is a great day to stand out and make a difference! #bebold

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PINNZ Originals

Kick back and relax! T.G.I.F!

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PINNZ Originals

spring of 2016

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